Nigerian artist Abraham Ogunlende – PainterAbe, is a contemporary painter who began making professional works in 2014, reflecting both his personal experiences and pop culture, through color compositions and cross-generational references.

Abe’s art, majorly created with acrylic paint and pastels on canvas, focuses on the subjective nature of things- aiming to communicate with viewers through a shared visual conversation.

He is currently exhibiting his latest series, “A Wonderful Space” as part of the Rele Young Contemporaries 2019 Exhibition.



2019- Upcoming

2015 – Bloom – Eko Hotel, Lagos

2014 – Culture Shock – Terra kulture Gallery, Lagos


2019 – Rele Young Contemporaries – Lagos

2018 – iDesign Art Fair – A White Space, Lagos

2017 – Sao and the Muse – Sao Cafe, Lagos

2014 Raw Artists Exhibition – Philadelphia, USA