Born in 1991, Nigerian artist, Abraham Ogunlende, is a contemporary artist, best known for his acrylic paintings of floral leaves, fused with predominant black lines, which primarily explore the concept of color theory and subjectivity.

Showing an interest for cross-generational elements and color compositions and placements, his arrangement of these elements in his paintings help to communicate a visual conversation.

With a style that is often a mesh between acrylic paint and pastel sticks on canvas, this self-taught artists artwork reflects on his personal experiences, as well as social, and pop culture.




2018 – A Wonderful Space – Upcoming

2015 – Bloom – Eko Hotel, Lagos

2014 – Culture Shock – Terra kulture Gallery, Lagos


Raw Artists Exhibition – Philadelphia, U.S.A – November 2014

Afrikulture – Freedom Park, Lagos, Nigeria – April 2017

Forestation – Lagos, Nigeria – May 2017

Sao and the Muse – Lagos, Nigeria –  July 2017