Abraham Ogunlende, is a Nigerian contemporary artist born and residing in Lagos, Nigeria.

Abraham draws inspiration from minimalist color compositions, culturally blended images, and subject matter that is relatable cross-culturally. A style he refers to as Modern Afro-Minimalism, flourishing in acrylic pastel colors, faceless subjects, and the connections between our society and our personal growth.

His art represents his personal experiences within the context of African culture. He aims to tell a visual story of the young African generation keen on showcasing their heritage in a global world.

Ogunlende recently exhibited his series “A Wonderful Space”, as part of Rele Gallery Young Contemporaries 2019 Exhibition, in which he created works that are playful yet touching on socially relevant themes.





2019- “In Pursuit Of Everything Beautiful” – A Whitespace, Lagos


2016 – “Bloom” – Eko Hotel, Lagos


2014 – “Culture Shock” – Terra kulture Gallery, Lagos




2019 – Rele Young Contemporaries – Rele Gallery, Lagos


2018 – iDesign Art Fair – A White Space, Lagos


2017 – Sao and the Muse – Sao Cafe, Lagos


2014 Raw Artists Exhibition – Philadelphia, USA